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New Book Launch: “Celestial Attachments” by Krista Cantell

Celestial Attachments Cover

A unique read bringing together astrology and psychology.

Chicago, Illinois Apr 1, 2024 ( – Krista Cantell is thrilled to announce the release of her groundbreaking book, “Celestial Attachments: Exploring the Zodiac’s Secret Influence on Secure, Avoidant, and Anxious Attachment Styles for Building Stronger Bonds, Deeper Connections, and Secure Relationships.” This innovative work merges the disciplines of Psychology and Astrology, offering readers a unique lens through which to view their relationships and attachment styles. She has also written other books on attachment that are very popular, such as “Free Yourself from Anxious Attachment” and “Loving an Avoidant Partner“.

“Celestial Attachments” dives into the complex world of attachment theory, enriched by the ancient wisdom of astrology, to provide insights into how one’s zodiac sign can influence their approach to forming and maintaining relationships. Cantell’s expertise offers a fresh perspective on securing emotional bonds, navigating the challenges of avoidant and anxious attachment, and cultivating deeper, more meaningful connections.

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon, and in an exclusive offer, the eBook version will be available for free from April 1st to April 5th. This limited-time promotion is an opportunity for readers to embark on a transformative journey to understand the hidden forces that shape our relationships and learn strategies for developing a more secure attachment style and fulfilling connections with others.

Krista Cantell’s “Celestial Attachments” is more than a book; it’s a tool for self-discovery and relationship enhancement. Through a blend of psychological insight and astrological understanding, Cantell guides readers through the intricacies of human connection, influenced by the stars. Whether you’re an astrology enthusiast, a psychology buff, or someone seeking to deepen your relationships, this book offers valuable knowledge and practical advice.

Don’t miss out on this unique exploration of love, life, and the stars. Grab your copy of “Celestial Attachments” today and take the first step towards nurturing stronger, more secure relationships.

For more information, please visit Amazon to get the book.

If you enjoy reading about attachment theory and other relationship topics Krista Cantell also manages a directory of book listings where you can find more resources on the subject.


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